Phone:  03-6912-1768

 The appointment telephone line is open weekdays from 11:00-18:00.

 Please note that we may not be able to answer immediately as our priority is to look after our guest.


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About AloPets

"AloPets" is providing a hotel and support service for cats and ferrets in Tokyo.

Cats and ferrets can be relaxed in large private rooms and enjoy playing in athletic space (cage-free area) while their owners are traveling, being hospitalized, on business trip, moving house, reforming etc.. 

We also give a comfortable survice for group pets, or long stay.


The name "AloPets" is a coined word that means "be coexistent with Pets".(Alo is from Hawaiian language "ALOHA") and it is filled with our earnest wish "live with pets together forever".


Please remember us for not only as a hotel, but a place you can rely on when you and your pets need someone to consult with. 

Please directly contact us about pets other than cats and ferrets.

(We are sorry,  we cannot take care of dogs and birds.) 


<Registration of Animal Handling Business>

name : AloPets
address :#302 the 2nd Miyoshi Building, 4-9-2 Yushima, Bunkyo, Tokyo,

category : keeping

registration number : Tokyo keeping007781
date of registration : 26 July 2023

the end date of registration : 25 July 2028
person responsible : Naomi Kita