Phone:  03-6912-1768

 The appointment telephone line is open weekdays from 11:00-18:00.

 Please note that we may not be able to answer immediately as our priority is to look after our guest.


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Accomodation and rates

AloPets charges vary depending on the type of room, number of cats/ferrets and length of stay.

(Discounts for longer stays are also available.) For more information, please contact us.

<Free area for cats>

The free area dedicated to cats includes a relaxing square, a pathway where cats can run,as fast as they can, and many other features that are not only safe but also take their habits into account.

In the sunroom facing the large window, cats can spend time basking, napping, exercising and enjoying the scenery outside the window.

◆Deluxe room for cat (7 rooms)

Deluxe room is private room of approximately 90㎝x120㎝.

The room is equipped with a web camera, so you can check on your cat during the stay and it is possible to place a cat tower or bed in the room.




 1 cat per 1 night ¥7,700

 ※After the second cat, 1 night  ¥5,500



◆Standard room for cat(4 rooms)

Standard rooms are three- or four-bay cage types.

The cage can be covered when the cat wants to spend time quietly. 




1 cat per 1 night ¥5,500 

<Free area for ferrets>

Ferrets can exercise with their favourite toys, such as a tube tunnel and ball pool safely and happily.

They can also run around and romp in our sunny sunroom.

There are no specific default times, but we can adapt to individual fitness and exercise levels.

◆Cage for ferrets

Ferret guest stay in cage provided by AloPets. We will use a cage of the appropriate size for the number or size of ferrets.

If you bring a hammock or bed that your precious ferret are used to, we gladly set it up them in your ferret's cage. 



1 ferret per 1 night ¥4,400   

 ※After the second ferret, 1 night  ¥2,200


WEB camera option per 1 night ¥1,100,   From 2nd day, per 1 night  ¥550

    (The webcam will be installed outside the cage,

     so you will only be able to see the images through the wire mesh.)


◆Special room

Big private room of 2 m square. Good for cats who want to spend time in a spacious room, or ferrets with a large family.

Guest can enjoy the peace and quiet in an isolated room, or can take in the view outside thanks to the large windows.

A luxurious space that can be used in any way you like.



Special room rental per night ¥11,000

After the second cat, 1 night  ¥5,500

After the second ferret, 1 night  ¥2,200


WEB camera option per 1 night ¥1,100,   From 2nd day, per 1 night  ¥550



<Small animals other than cats and ferrets>

Small pet animals other than cats and ferrets, such as hedgehogs, may also be accepted if they bring their own cage.

(However, animals that are prohibited by law from being kept cannot be accepted.)

For more information, please contact us.

We are sorry, but we do not accept dogs or birds.


<Pick-up and drop-off>

Free of charge for customers in Bunkyo Ward, and ¥1,100 one-way for customers in Toshima, Chiyoda, Chuo and Minato wards.


For areas not mentioned above, pick-up and drop-off can also be booked for a fee.

Fees vary according to distance, so please feel free to request a quote. (From ¥3,300 one way)


<Tour our facilities>

Tours of our facilities are generally available between 13:00 and 17:00 and must be booked in advance.

(If you would like a tour at a different date and time, please contact us.)

Even if you do not plan to make a specific reservation, please feel free to visit us when you have time so that we can give you an option in case of emergency.

During your visit, you will be asked to remove your shoes and change into slippers provided by us.