AloPets Sevice Agreement

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AloPets Service Agreement


This service agreement is an agreement between AloPets and the Pet Owner (hereinafter called You) to ensure your pets’ comfortable stay and by signing “Boarding consent form” You agree the terms of this agreement. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.



[Terms and Conditions]
1. AloPets reserves the right to refuse any services for any reason, at any time, 

   including but not limited to the following list. Also You agree to disclose all

   medical conditions and history.
       • Animals other than cats or ferrets.
       • The Pet does not meet Vaccination requirements by veterinarian’s guidance

          in the past 12months from the first day of the service.
          Cat: Combined Vaccine (Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis(FVR),

                 Feline Calicivirus (FCV) and Feline Panleukopenia)
          Ferret: Regularly scheduled Distemper Vaccine
       • The Pet is found not received appropriate flea or tick preventive care.
       • Mating season (Within 4weeks after the first day of a period)
       • The Pet exhibits aggressive or uncontrollable behavior such as extreme

         biting or scratching.
       • Remarkably young or elderly with deteriorating heath conditions.
       • The Pet requires medical treatment and attention or unwell due to on going

         medical conditions.
       • The Pets is extremely soiled or unfit for the service.

2. Following items are required to be provided and presented by You.
       • ID with a current address (Ex. driver’s license)
       • Authorization of Release of Vaccination Form and contact information of

         your veterinarian.
       • Food the Pet usually eat.

3. Price, Boarding Days
   Price of 1night stay includes from check-in to check-out time on next day. 
       • You must present expected check-out date and time at check-in. You must

         inform in advance if check-out time is significantly delayed.
       • After check-in, making an extension of stay by phone is allowed up to 3

         nights, and it cannot be made by phone if it’s longer than 3 nights. 

         AloPets reserves the right to refuse an extension or change of rooms due

         to other reservation status.
       • AloPets is reservation only. We reserve the right to refuse services without

         prior reservations.
       • You must inform in timely manner in case of reservation change. If failed to

         inform and show up 2 hours after reservation it is automatically cancelled

         and You may be asked for the cancellation fee. If AloPets decides the

         change may cause the service interruption to other customers, AloPets  

         reserves the right to refuse the change but You will not be asked for the 

         cancellation fee.

4. Cancellations
       • If You cancel the reservation less than 7days prior to the starting date of

         service, cancellation fee will apply as follows;
                   7days-3days prior to reservation: 20% of full price
                   2day-1day prior to reservation: 50% of full price
                   The day of or no show: 100% of full price
       • If the service is reserved as “Pre-reservation”, it’ll automatically become

         formal “Reservation” unless informed 1 month prior to the starting date of

         service and upon confirmation of the reservation, cancellation fee will apply.


[In Case of Emergency during Boarding]
       • In case your Pet becomes ill or injured during the service, and requires

         professional attention, AloPets will notify You and attempt medical    

         treatments at your veterinarian.  However, if You instruct us in advance not

         to treat, we will not do so. Every effort will be made to contact You,    

         however if time is critical and we are unable to contact, You agree that

         AloPets, at its sole discretion, is authorized to make any and all decisions

         to correspond to the emergency, however, AloPets is exempt from any

         responsibilities associates with the actions taken.
       • You agree to pay expenses incurred during the emergency including but not

         limited to veterinarian service, medication and funeral.
       • You hereby understand detection and response to the emergency is

         expected to be delayed during late night and early morning hours.


[The Owner Responsibilities]
       • If your Pet damages properties of AloPets or third parties (ex. carrier bag,

        cage, hotel facilities and vehicle used for transportation) AloPets reserves

        the right to request You an expense coverage to part of the damage.
       • If You neglect to disclose any information sited in the Section 1 in this    

        agreement and as a result, other pets contract communicable diseases,

        You are responsible for any and all expenses associates with the cause.


[AloPets Responsibilities]
       • In case your Pet’s health deteriorates within 48 hours after starting of our

        services, AloPets officially notify You and makes every effort to get medical

        attention and treatments. If the veterinarian recognizes the reason of the 

        emergency is caused by the service provided by AloPets, we will refund

        (1) Service Fee, (2) Medical expenses, (3) Other expenses associated with

        the medical treatments based on the veterinarian’s official letter that proves

        the condition is caused by the services without any counter-evidence.
       • In case of your Pet’s death within 48 hours after starting of our services

        and also in case the Pet is brought to the veterinarian within 24 hours of the

        death, if the veterinarian recognizes the reason of the death is caused by the

        service provided by AloPets, we will refund (1) Service Fee, (2) Medical

        expenses, (3) Pet’s market value or similar determined by AloPets, based on

        the veterinarian’s official letter that proves the death is caused by the

        services without any counter-evidence.
       • In case of an accident during the services, if death or loss is caused by

        AloPet’s error, we will refund (1) Service Fee and (2) Pet’s market value or

        similar determined by AloPets, however, You agree AloPets is not responsible

        for an unexpected accident caused by existing medical conditions or

        idiosyncrasy, and injure, loss and death caused by irresistible force such as

        natural disasters.


       • AloPets is not responsible for any damage unless otherwise listed in this


       • If the Pet is not picked up within 1 week after scheduled check-out time

        without any communication, it is considered You abandoned the right as an

        owner and AloPets has the right to the possession of your Pet.


[Jurisdiction Court]
       • Lawsuits against this agreement shall be held at a district court of the

         AloPets current address and is considered as the jurisdiction court of a

        first trial.


[Faithfull Discussion]
       • Both AloPets and You shall confer in good faith to resolve disputes in case

        of disagreement over interpretation of this agreement or matters not stated

        in this agreement.  Both AloPets and You shall accept an intervention or

        investigation conducted by third party.