Disaster prevention efforts

We want to ensure the safety of our guests and their families during their stay,

The following disaster prevention measures are in place. The contents are constantly reviewed and updated to make them even better.

1、About stockpiling

In an emergency, it may take time for distribution to be restored. Various types of food for cats and ferrets, water, toiletries, first-aid chemicals, leashes, etc. are always stockpiled for at least four days for cats and at least two weeks for ferrets, which can be difficult to obtain during a disaster.


2、About the status report

In the event of a disaster, telephone lines will be difficult to connect due to call restrictions,

Please check the situation on social networking services using internet lines and the Disaster Message Dial.

◆Instagram account "alopets_tokyo

Facebook account "alopets

◆X (formerly Twitter) account "@AloPets".

   (Facebook and X are for contacting current customers. We do not send out information on a daily basis.)

NTT East Disaster Message Dial

 Leave a message from the hotel on the AloPets landline number. 

   The confirmation procedure is as follows: (1) Dial '171'.

      (1) Dial 171. 

      (2) Select '2 (Play)'. 

      (3) Enter '0369121768'. 

     ⇒You can listen to the status report message.   

3、About evacuation centres

The evacuation centre from AloPets is the 'Bunkyo Education Center'.

     Address: 4-7-10 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (1 min walk from AloPets).

The emergency shelter (temporary shelter to protect yourself from fire etc.) is the University of Tokyo.